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The Mega Adventures of Koko Sisi & Kiki Pupu #1:
The Mystery of Stolen Bananas

  • By Papi & El Choco
  • Soft Cover, 52 pages
  • Note: For the time being we won’t ship outside Canada and the US because it’s too expensive. If you live outside this zone, you can buy from Amazon. Yes it sucks, but bear with us while we find a solution. But people in North America, please by from us! Thanks!
In this exciting tale, all of the world’s bananas have been stolen by space monkeys. It’s up to our young heroes, Kiki Pupu and Koko Sisi, who live in a flooded city in the year 2123, to blast off into space and retrieve the key ingredient for their favorite treat, the super-secret HippySnax!